To offer greater accessibility and opportunity in the fine arts for aspiring, underserved ethnicities, the developmentally disabled, and those with mental health concerns in emerging generations.


For all artists to have endless opportunities and resources that inspire cultivation of their craft. We seek to preserve and promote the fine arts as they enhance all aspects of cultural awareness for greater community engagement. 

Respect - For the arts as its everlasting influences continue to extend through many generations, preserving history, informing the present, and challenging the future in its myriad forms. 

Opportunity - For our programs and partnerships to provide access to vital resources, essential education, and career preparation; to create and optimize favorable outcomes for all communities. 

Collaboration - To embrace and continuously seek partnerships and alliances acknowledging that our shared alignment establishes expansive networks, maximizes available resources, and incorporates a collective experience in support of others.

Creativity - To integrate an exploratory approach in our work utilizing reputable resources in pursuit of producing innovative solutions for the advancement of the fine arts.  

Education - To embrace knowledge as it provides fundamentals that foster originality for youth to seek their greatest potentials, creativity, and imagination that encourages sharing with others.


And there was a vision that became a reality. . .

Kendall Owens, an honors student and Presidential Scholar at Western Michigan University majoring in dance and nursing, began her education and dance training in the inner city of Detroit. Later, she attended schools in the suburban area where she noticed a difference in the availability and quality of opportunities, education, and training in the fine arts. Taking advantage of these resources, Kendall received dance and festival scholarships to travel within the United States that advanced her training and exposed her to endless possibilities. New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles expanded Kendall’s network and perspective of the arts as each city embraced the arts community in a way that her community did not. In her travels, it became evident that something was missing - the presence of other underrepresented ethnic groups. She was grateful for such opportunities and wanted her fellow artists of color to experience the same despite probable life struggles. As an African American, she realized the economic, financial, and social struggles that underrepresented groups face in today's society. 

Since childhood, Kendall has been dedicated to caring for and cultivating the lives of others. This led to her interest in nursing. Through direct experience and her studies, she discovered that the arts do not discriminate their powerful impact on any people. As a fourteen-year old assistant dance instructor teaching Down syndrome students, Kendall developed a passionate interest in the effects of fine arts on individuals with developmental disabilities. She wanted to provide more opportunities for the developmentally disabled including fine arts activities that would improve their quality of life, increase public awareness, and promote the appreciation of fine arts. 

New Generation Fine Arts Foundation (NewGen), a public charity, was established as a 501(c)(3), tax-exempt, non-profit organization. Kendall created this organization to enhance awareness and respect for the arts in Metro-Detroit. Her mission is to give back to the community by educating and inspiring young artists like herself. NewGen’s purpose is to provide access to greater opportunities for the underserved, developmentally disabled, and young artists with mental health concerns while contributing to a flourishing, culturally aware, and artistically educated community.  

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