"The object of education is to prepare the young to educate themselves throughout their lives." 

                                   -Robert M. Hutchins

The primary focus of the education component is the  Family Literacy Through Technology Project that will facilitate academic enrichment. The project creates a culture of reading and literacy within targeted communities that are underserved. 

Innovative,  comprehensive literacy courses, and tutoring programs will be offered to help families improve literacy and reading levels. This initiative is scheduled to launch Spring 2020.

New Generation Fine Arts Foundation (NewGen) fully embraces of the world of cultural arts. Our unique approach presents opportunities to advance the arts in communities that we serve. Working with like-minded individuals and organizations affords our team the resources to present classes, programs, events, performances, and seminars creating valuable experiences for those who are touched by our efforts.

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NewGen feels the needs of our youth and the possibilities that exist if time  is taken to plant a seed into their lives.


Learn . Grow. Share.


The Foundation understands that great mentoring programs don’t just happen.  They are built through thoughtful planning and sustained commitment. We guide participants through the mentoring process while continually improving the program.  NewGen is making preparation to launch this effort in Spring 2020.



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Changing A Life ▪ Creating A Future

Blaqk Box 2019,  occurring November 9-10, 2019will provide greater accessibility and opportunity to aspiring artists by offering education and networking with relevant professional artists in the industry. The two-day event will consist of master classes and a showcase. These will serve as a channel and platform for career preparation providing greater integration of fine arts into our society. Fine arts fosters collaboration between diverse societies and raises cultural awareness. It is imperative that we embrace this concept and encourage young artists to utilize their talents for these purposes to effect positive change.

Blaqk Box 2019 also provides therapy through art. In preparation for our showcase, spring and summer workshops with master faculty will be offered for young artists with developmental disabilities and mental health concerns. During these sessions, students will learn and contribute to the creation of a work to be presented at the Blaqk Box 2019 Showcase Concert.  All Blaqk Box 2019 participants, including audience members, will witness the powerful impact of fine art through a direct experience. We hope everyone will leave compelled to contribute to a more culturally aware community. Our goal is to  serve patrons of the arts through reciprocal engagement  promoting performance and participation.

Community Impact

There is strength and power in unity; community support is essential to sustain our mission.  Wayne State University and Legacy Dance Studio are providing in-kind studio space for Blaqk Box 2019 participants.

Local businesses: Plymouth Elks Lodge, Carrabba's-Canton, MI, Outback-Canton, MI, Sam's Club-Canton, MI,  and Kohl's  have offered support through volunteering and financial donations. Our collaboration with the Detroit Public School System has provided opportunities  to better serve its students. 

We acknowledge our partners and sponsors: Wayne State University, Dr. Shadi Krecht, DoubleTree by Hilton, and James and Sylvia Denwoodie.