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Our Goal. . .Be Informative and Empower Others!


"Practice like you've never won.  Perform like you've never lost."

Author Unknown

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Empowering Kids Through  Music

New Generation Fine Arts Foundation is committed to bringing music back into schools that have suffered from budget cuts, and the lack of qualified personnel to teach youth the values associated with learning, sharing, building self-esteem and talent. Having a voice and owning the moment when they perform is critical to their growth and development.

The transformative power of music is sweeping the United States and the world through the inspiration of Venezuela's revolutionary El Sistema.  Founded in Venezuela in 1975 by 

Dr. Jose Antonio Abreu, El Sistema is a tested model of how a music program can create both great musicians, and dramatically change the life trajectory of hundreds of thousands of a nation's most needy children, deeply benefiting youth from all backgrounds who participate.

Through collaborative and partnering relationships, our vision for implementing this initiative is designed to:

▪  Develop, enhance, and fund cultural arts programs both
    regionally and nationally
▪  Focus on working with school districts (public & private), non-     profit organizations, and individuals who are committed to
    enhancing the quality of life, of the children that participate in
    the program
▪  Partner with vetted nonprofit organizations, by committing
    our resources in human capital and marketing expertise, to
    secure funding to provide lessons and musical instruments
    for the students.

Involving teachers, parents, key stakeholders in the community, volunteers, etc.,is the 'key to the success of the program…long term. '